God calls His people become His pure, holy vessels—people who are formed by His Word, filled with His power, and poured out for His world.

His Vessel Ministries helps Christians to become God’s willing vessels to live life with purpose through small group discipleship.

The Transformation Process:

  • HEARTS | As God’s people are formed with His Word and to His ways, they become His holy people. His power transforms hearts from the inside out.
  • HOMES | Transformed hearts have tremendous impact upon the home. God empowers His people to align their personal relationships and their homes around His principles.
  • COMMUNITY | As hearts and homes are made new, this new life spills over into every other area: where people work, play, and live. The greater community is infused with God’s light and life, magnifying His goodness and love to all.

Becoming His Vessel Small Group: The Pathway to Living a Life with Meaning

This is a foundational discipleship teaching intended for training every believer how to live out your faith in Jesus Christ and bring Him glory. The in-person small groups meet together bimonthly for 10-month training, with an experienced leader. The same discipleship teaching is available through an online teaching format.

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Deeper Discipleship Small Group: The Pillar of Support for God's Willing Vessel

Deeper Discipleship (D3) provides individuals the teaching, fellowship, and encouragement to continue to strengthen one's relationship with This monthly teaching and training program taught by Jo Hancock is executed through in-person group or virtually. Participants focus on learning God’s Truths and holding one another accountable to apply the Truths to everyday life.

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Transforming Hearts

In John’s Gospel, Jesus invites all who are thirsty to come and drink of the Living Water. We have been designed to take Him in and to be His vessels—people who are formed, filled, and poured out to bring Him glory.

Jesus calls us to all-encompassing discipleship, to live a life of dependence and intimacy with God. His Vessel’s mission is to train God’s people to respond to Jesus’ invitation—to choose life and to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength.

Our Transforming Hearts Program infuses practical daily discipleship with a faith that is real, relevant, and lived out. This program shapes individual hearts, taking them to a spiritual intimacy with God which they have never encountered before, and when they get there they never want to leave.

To achieve this we minister to people through the following small group discipleship: 

Becoming His Vessel Small Group

Deeper Disciple Small Group

God of Order Small Group: The Blueprint for Bringing Peace to the Home

Using the Word of God, this 10-month teaching focuses on applying the precepts of Christ in one’s life and home while learning from and walking alongside another mature Christian. Through the bimonthly, in-person small group teachings, this discipleship proves to set the heart of every woman on the home, making it a sanctuary where Father God can dwell. One not only learns how to get the home in spiritual order, but physical order as well.

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Transforming Homes

A person’s home has a profound impact upon every other aspect of life. Both the family and the home fit into God’s larger plan for reaching the world with the transforming love of Christ. When God’s people grasp God’s plan, they are motivated and inspired to live as His vessels by knowing Him, by being filled with His presence, and by pouring themselves out for His glory. This is the sort of spiritual formation and discipleship training included in this key program at His Vessel Ministries.

Our Transforming Homes Program infuses practical daily discipleship to produce a faith that is real, relevant, and lived out. This program is executed through our proven ministry model that transforms individuals through a variety of spiritual formation activities that order the family and home according to God’s principles and ways. The blueprint to transforming the home in essence is the answer to transforming the American culture.

To achieve this we minister to people through the following small group discipleship:

God of Order Small Group

Watchmen Over the City

We organize and lead Watchmen Over the City intercessors in counties throughout Alabama, praying for the peace, prosperity, and protection of our cities, state, and nation. Each Watchmen team member is assigned days to walk (or drive) the streets of their locale, praying and reading aloud from the Word of God. With Watchmen praying in the various countries throughout the state, the citizens of Alabama are afforded the benefit of intercessors praying in unity for the state of Alabama.

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Transforming Communities

When hearts and homes are ordered according to God’s Word and ways, amazing things begin to unfold all around. The individuals and families transformed through His Vessel Ministries become people who seek to know God, be filled with His presence, and be poured out for His glory. When God’s people live as His vessels, every sphere they enter is affected—work, school, neighborhoods, government, service organizations, sports teams, and more.

Our Transforming Community Program builds upon the changed hearts and homes to see God’s love shape the entire community. Through a variety of practical discipleship activities, individuals and families become invested in their community to demonstrate a faith that is real, relevant, and lived out. This program is executed through our proven ministry model that transforms individuals and families through a variety of spiritual formation activities that make the impact of God’s Truths evident throughout the wider community.

To achieve this we minister to people through the following programs and events:

Watchmen Over The City

And other community events below...

Community Events

Montgomery Prayer Breakfast

This annual event gathers city/county/state government officials, as well as citizens and church members to pray corporately for the authorities of the city and our state. This event takes place on National Day of Prayer, every year on the 1st Thursday in May.

Bible Reading Marathon

This annual event consists of 72 hours of reading the entire Word of God over the city of Montgomery at the state Capitol. Watchmen in other counties also organize the annual event for its local citizens. The Bible Reading Marathon kicks off at the Montgomery Prayer Breakfast and continues for 72 hours thereafter.

Biblical Teaching Events

Teaching events are organized and taught by Jo Hancock, on relevant biblical topics for the disciple of Jesus Christ. The teaching events are made available through in-person attendance at the Vessel Room or by virtual participation.

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Community Partnership Events

Citywide Prayer Walks

The first Saturday of every month, local ministries and citizens gather to walk through specific neighborhoods in Montgomery, praying for local communities, schools, government, and churches. The monthly prayer walks are organized and led by the Our Montgomery ministry team.  


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