Your family and your home are part of God’s larger plan for reaching the world.

When God transforms people to become His vessels, it begins in the heart and then fans out, reaching into every aspect of life. Family dynamics change, relationships deepen and grow, marriages are restored and strengthened, and the home becomes a center for ministry and purpose for the whole family. Our God of Order Discipleship positions your family and home so that God can use them both to reach the world with the transformational love of Jesus Christ.

God of Order Discipleship: Restoring the Home to Impact the World

Many women today are overwhelmed with busyness, chaos, and clutter. This causes the home to be out of order! You can simplify your life when you organize your home following God’s order.

Our God of Order discipleship program helps women find a new way of relating to God and others that restores order—the biblical order of the home. God desires every home to be a sanctuary where He can dwell. The God of Order: The Blueprint for Bringing Peace to the Home training will take you to the Word of God, laying out God’s design for the home. Throughout the 10-month discipleship training, one is specifically shown how to restore the home to a place of order, spiritually and physically, where peace can be experienced every day. This training program is executed through small groups and facilitated by a group leader.

The Biblical and practical principles taught in this 10-month training are:

  • Heavenly Order for the Home
  • The Home a Sanctuary
  • The Family Altar
  • Wives Loving Their Husbands
  • Children Obeying Their Parents
  • Purifying the Heart and Home
  • Practicing Hospitality
  • Being a Woman of Discretion
  • Kitchen Organization 

A group leader facilitates the group while encouraging and holding the disciples accountable to applying the Biblical and practical principles.

In-Person Small Group Discipleship

The in-person small groups are facilitated at His Vessel Ministries by an experienced leader and meet February through November of each year. The discipleship training begins with a required orientation meeting held in late January each year. The small groups meet bimonthly at The Vessel Room at His Vessel Ministries for two-hour teaching sessions. Each participant will be required to purchase a workbook for the discipleship training.

The in-person small groups can also be held at your local church or in a home upon request. The discipleship materials are available for purchase to lead the group. To coordinate an in-person small group for your church or community, email your request to His Vessel Ministries.


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Classes begin January 16, 2024  |  Tuesdays (biweekly)
Home of Pam Newman (2805 Marler Road)  |  6:30 to 8:00 PM

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Classes begin January 25, 2024  |  2nd & 4th Thursdays  |  The Vessel Room  |  6:00 to 8:00 PM
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Bring God of Order to Your Home, Church, or Community

God of Order: The Blueprint for Bringing Peace to the Home discipleship training by Jo Hancock is available to facilitate a small group. The package contains what you need to bring this life-changing discipleship initiative to women and homes in your church and community. The package includes:

  • Disciple workbook
  • Leader’s guide
  • Set of video teachings by Jo Hancock 
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Host a God of Order Conference for Your Church or Community

Women can learn about these principles and truths at the God of Order Conference! This event teaches the spiritual and practical ways God orders our homes. Each woman is challenged to allow God to tear down walls that the world has created and to follow the order that God has created. Attendees will also learn organization and preparation techniques that enable the home to be a place of worship.

We provide of all the resources and assistance needed to host this event that glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ. To schedule an in-person or virtual God of Order Conference in your church or community, contact His Vessel Ministries at 334.356.4478.

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Amanda N.

The God of Order discipleship illuminated the scriptures, teaching me how to be a godly mother, wife, daughter, friend, and disciple. My family’s path has changed! My husband is a better husband, father, and leader because I simply live out this discipleship training in my home. 

Cecilia S.

This discipleship has taught me how to apply God's word so my home honors Him and my family has a home of peace. I see so much more clearly God’s plan for my life and home and I WANT IT! It is a blessing to have an experienced leader to walk along with, holding me accountable to apply what I have been taught — a loving attribute!