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Is The Passion Bible the Truth?

Feb 11, 2023

Many Christians today are using the Passion Bible translation, and it's not a translation of the Bible. I was first alerted to the Passion Bible soon after the Passion translation was published. I was at a women's retreat, and the speaker referred to several scriptures and quoted from the Passion translation, and immediately my spirit was quickened. I thought, "that's not what the Bible says." And each time this speaker quoted these scriptures, I would think, "where is this coming from?".

I began researching this Bible and learned from my research that the Passion Bible is really man's philosophy. It is man's thoughts of the Bible. It appears to me from my research that the author of the Passion Bible is attempting to explain his understanding of the meaning of scripture rather than translating word for word what the Bible says. 

The Passion is not a Bible; it's a manuscript. When you're questioning the validity of something, you always look for the author's credentials. So I...

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Lost Earring, Lost Treasure

Jan 24, 2023

A friend of mine recently shared with me an experience she had with losing a diamond earring. She was willing to go to great lengths to get it back. When she found that diamond earring, her joy was stored. This experience reminded me of what has happened to the church. We have lost something very valuable but we need to be willing to go to great lengths to get it back so our joy can be restored. It is time for us as a church, as a body of believers, to repent and return to worshiping and obeying God. 

We need to decide that the church building is no longer going to be a social building where we gather to socialize. We need to turn the church from the entertainment center that it has become, back into a place of worship where we wholeheartedly seek God. I believe the church has fallen asleep. We have become slothful. Romans 13:11 “And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first...

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Let Us Pray

Jan 12, 2023


I want to pray for you in a manner in which I would go into my prayer closet and spend one-on-one time with God in prayer. We always want to start with praise. What is praise? It's simply talking about God. It's acknowledging before Him who He is. It's recognizing who God is. It's not you thanking God for what He has done for you. It's not about you. It's about getting a fresh look at God and who God is. When we start with praise, we get a true vision of God and who He is. It's not about asking God for something at this point; it's about praising God.


Lord, we just come before Your throne at this moment. We acknowledge that You are the God most high. We acknowledge that You are sitting on Your throne in the heavenlys and You are the God of love. You love us with everlasting love because You are God. You are sovereign. You are the God of judgment. You are the God of mercy. You are the God of patience. You are the living God. You are the God from...

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It's Okay to Ask God Why? Podcast by Jo Hancock

Apr 14, 2021

Why does God allow certain things to happen in each one of our lives? Maybe
things have happened in your job, maybe things have happened with your finances,
and you've asked God about that - maybe about family members, family situations.
Could be you've asked God about things where you live, or what's happening in our
nation. We all have asked God about certain things that we have encountered, or
maybe we are encountering right now. And I know hundreds of times I have asked
God questions about this, and maybe you've even had friends come to you, that
they've had situations happen in their lives, they share their stories with you, and
they ask why, why did God allow this to happen to me, or happen to my family, or
happen to my friends?

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Know What Time It Is Podcast by Jo Hancock

Apr 07, 2021

The only way to know what time it is and put life around you in perspective to what time it is, is to have a biblical view of life because see, you can have a lot of different views on life, but as Christians, we're to view life from the Bible, and that's taking the Bible, the timeline from the Word of God, and putting it on top of everything that we do and fitting our life into it.

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Will You Help Me Get the Truth to Them? Podcast by Jo Hancock

Apr 06, 2021

I will tell you, I was reading a really interesting Scripture just recently in my prayer closet, right out of Job. And it just reminded me of a truth. And I want to read that to you because God says there's no darkness dark enough that you can hide from Him. So, with all the darkness that's going on to propose gambling and all the things to fight this issue, there are not enough back doors. There are not enough back rooms. There are not enough private conversations that you could hide from God. Job 34:21 says for God sees all the ways, He sees the ways of man. He sees all of his steps. He says there's no darkness nor shadow of death where the workers of iniquity can hide themselves. He says He knows their works. And He overthrows them in the night, and they are crushed. He strikes them as wicked men in the open sight of others because they've turned their back from God, and they would not consider any of God's ways.

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Stop Putting Water in Your Tank Podcast by Jo Hancock

Apr 06, 2021

If your car were almost out of gas, you'd do the sensible thing. You would look for the next gas station, you would pull in, and you would fill up the tank with gas, and then you would continue. You wouldn't just see that you were almost empty, pull over the side of the road, look for some water in a ditch and put that water in the gas tank, expecting that you would carry on. No, that would not be sensible. You would know not to do that; that wasn't going to work.

Well, I'm afraid that this is exactly what is happening in the church. We're trying to move forward. We're trying to drive forward, keep going on without gas in the tank, and, many times, putting the wrong thing in the tank, and it's generating a major problem, and we can't go forward.

You see, what I see in the church today is that we've lost our power. We're putting the wrong thing in the tank. We've lost our power because we've lost our voice. We've talked about this, where we've lost much of the influence we have in...

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Back to the Heart of God Podcast by Jo Hancock

Oct 14, 2020

God wants you to stay entangled with the heart of God and not to wander off into the wilderness and miss the promises of God. But if you have, or if you know someone that has, how do you get back? Or how do you help them get back? Or how do you pray for someone to get back?


Listen to the full podcast here

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Obstacles to God's Peace and Presence

Oct 14, 2020

I was praying with a small group of Watchmen [in Montgomery, AL] and as the leader began our prayer time, she took us to Psalm 68 and she began reading Psalm 68 [verses 1-2] that we would come together and begin to praise God through this Psalm. And as she was praying aloud this Psalm, she said, "Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered; Let those also who hate Him flee before Him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away, God; as wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God." And the moment that that word was prayed, that as God--He melts like wax the enemy and lets the wicked perish at His presence.

The moment that word was spoken, it was a rhema for me. Because what I could see is that God in heaven is looking and He does see our enemies here on earth and He sees what the enemy is doing. And I know that God doesn't like that and that there is a point when God will leave heaven and He will come down here on earth and He will scatter the enemy....

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We are Living in Difficult Times Podcast by Jo Hancock

Oct 12, 2020

Listen, in these last days, stay the course. Do not buy into the fear. Walk by your faith, keep your heart set on Christ, cling to the word of God, walk by the word of God, and keep your heart. Keep a good conscience, a clear conscience, because in these days you will be strong. You will be strong. You will go from strength to strength and you, my friend, will do great exploits.


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