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Why Is Gender Being Twisted

May 15, 2023

Transgenderism has gotten out of hand. We have lost sight of truth and gotten way off the pathway of righteousness. We have crossed the line in going as far to let gender identity get so twisted and warped that we are now identifying as animals.

Why? What is the underlying issue? Why does transgenderism have such a compelling movement in our culture today?

There is confusion and chaos, and it has created much division in our culture. This is a red flag that the enemy, the spirit of darkness, is trying to come against the truth about God.

Reflecting on the history of when transgenderism evolved, it slowly crept into our culture in the 60's. Men wanted to identify as women, and it was openly recognized to create equality. That door was slung open, and riots were caused from the hatred and discrimination. The movement was not excepted, and they backed up. They changed their strategy, and another movement began in the 70's as it entered the sports arena. This is when the LGBT movement began.

In the 90’s the media got involved and really gave fuel to this movement. The media made way with transgenderism, and it was able to enlarge its territory. Then in the early 2000’s, people were influenced into a frame of mind that we had to accept it, and we had to create laws to accept it.

 When sin is allowed to run rampant, it will take over a territory. This move wants to strip the rug out from under that truth and re-establish a foundation for mankind, for creatures that God created. We must establish the truth of God’s creation and we must stand on that foundation. When God created us in His image, he created us a man and woman with a heart that desires to do what is righteous.

They are advocating for gender equality, but God already gave us gender equality when he created man and woman. We don’t have to fight for that right. We need to live out the righteousness of that truth. We have gotten away from the way God has defined righteousness.

Satan has a primary goal of destroying God’s creation and he is doing that by confusing the people as to what God has created them to be. Satan’s kingdom of darkness has deceived the minds of God’s people in an attempt to take authority over all creation. If Satan can begin to twist and distort our identity, the way God created man and woman, and turn us away from God, turn us to ourselves, then he can turn us to the dark kingdom.

Ultimately what is driving these movements is rebellion. Rebellion will always lead to destruction. Satan and his kingdom know that, and that is why there is such a driving force behind it.

Rebellion brings on compromise. Why are we comprising? Because we are looking for peace and harmony. Compromising gives false hope, which is temporary and, therefore, demands more. We are left unsatisfied again, moving further away from truth. The more truth is perverted, the more perverted our relationships become. When we start to recreate a new standard, it demands more and more, which never results in a satisfied life.

Currently, there are 112 genders that people identify with today. Back in 1977, the movement was labeled LGBT. Now it is LGBTQIA+.

Paul said in Romans 1 that when we go awry and deep into our sins, God will turn us over to a depraved mind. This movement has captured the soul of individuals and has captivated our minds. Whatever the mind can determine and then make the body conform to it, that’s what becomes their identity. This comes out of rebellion. Rebellion is refusing authority and the truth of the way God created you. You reject what God intended and you believe the enemy’s lie.

Out of this transgenderism, they are trying to gain acceptance but there is a rejection that is crying out to be satisfied. They are unfulfilled so they are looking for fulfillment. Man is attempting to recreate themselves to find satisfaction but going contrary to the way God created man will never be satisfied.

How are we, as Christians, to address this issue with individuals that are captivated by these lies and living out these lifestyles?

Deep down within all of us is the desire for love. It is the way God created us because God is after a love relationship with us. We were made to have a love relationship with other people.

What is Satan and his kingdom working to do?

He wants to distort and reject a love relationship between you and God. He doesn’t want you to know, love, or find your satisfaction in God.

The enemy turns the human eye to worthless things, that then begin to chase after unnatural, unholy, unrighteous, ungodly things, relationships, and identities to satisfy this longing for a love relationship. Satan is replacing the love of God with a counterfeit, and ultimately, it will never satisfy because it violates the way God created us. So many of these gender identities keep changing because they never fulfill that longing for love, which never satisfies.

The gospel is the answer. It’s not just about getting to heaven. It’s about getting in a loving relationship with God and satisfying that longing. It’s about finding true purpose and moving from self-righteousness to the righteousness of God

Our physical relationships will become impure when our relationship with the invisible God is not pure, holy, and righteous.

In Romans 1, Paul addresses ungodly relationships and homosexuality. When we reject the gospel, we will go looking for any kind of physical relationship to fulfill the desire for a love relationship.

The gospel is about meeting that spiritual hunger, finding the perfect love. It’s about getting that belonging need within us satisfied.

These people are confused, and we have to love them enough to tell them the truth. We need to tell them how much God loves them and that what they’re really longing for is to be loved and accepted.

What they really desire is fellowship and good and healthy trusting relationships. Out of a love relationship with God will flow good, healthy love relationships where they can be identified as someone with purpose.

The answer is really simple, but the world has made it complicated and created chaos. It has allowed this movement to get larger and larger.

Finding our true identity in Christ…there is where a life of meaning and purpose will be found.

My prayer is that you can be part of the solution, and that by speaking the truth, you may redeem one out the pathway of destruction.


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