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There's A Warrior Inside of Him

Jul 12, 2023

There is a battle going on in the home for control, and the only way we can resolve that so that we can live in peace is to go back to God's word.

God created us as male and female to be husband and wife so that we would fulfill our God-given roles and live fully satisfied lives. If you want your husband to lead, you must let him lead in his God-given role. 

As denoted in Proverbs 31, the woman’s role in the home is to watch over the ways of her household. But what is the role of the man in the home? 

"Then the Lord God took the man and he put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it." Genesis 2:15

When God created man, he put him in a home, which was the garden. He put man in the home (garden) to do two things: to provide for and to protect (to tend and keep). It is man's responsibility to provide for and protect the home. Man is instructed to hedge up the home, to put such boundaries around the home that whoever is living in that home would be protected and cared for. And this is done so that the family would live a fully satisfied life in fellowship with God and have wholesome, holy fellowship with one another. God created the man in such a way that he would be able to shoulder the responsibility of being the warrior that would fight for this home (garden). God put this warrior mentality in the man so that he could fight and protect the land.

Then God said in Genesis 2:18 that man needed a helper. So how are we, as women, as wives, to help the man, the warrior, to fulfill his God-given role? 

God has a divine order of how the family should be structured. God put man as the head authority in the home for the protection of the family, and when we respect that authority in the way that God created for us to, blessings will flow back to us. 

As women, we tend to want to control things, and we do that by way of intimidation or manipulation. We often try and move our husband into action by way of manipulating. When we do this, we are diminishing their manhood. Men are motivated by respect. How can we respect our husbands? We can lean into them and show how we need them. We need to have a higher regard for them and show them their value through our actions and our words towards them.

A man moves into a Godly position when motivated by his wife’s respect for him. We can move our husbands into action by way of respect. We also often fall into the mindset that our change in behavior is contingent upon our husband’s change in behavior and it becomes a standoff.

Every man of the house has a king inside of him. As wives, we want to be his helper and come alongside him to pull out as much of that kinghood as possible.

Speak respect to your husband. Speak to his role of authority and leadership in the home. If you serve that need, he will rise up.

Practical things that you can do to speak to the King inside your husband:

  1. Whatever income your husband brings into the home, cheer him on. Let him know how grateful you are for his hard work.
  2. If your husband asks for you to do something for him, make it a priority.
  3. Build him up with words of encouragement. Even if you know he’s not doing his best, speak to the potential that you know he has.
  4. Be patient and be consistent.

 God will use your obedience to bless you and your home.

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