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Stop Putting Water in Your Tank Podcast by Jo Hancock

Apr 06, 2021

If your car were almost out of gas, you'd do the sensible thing. You would look for the next gas station, you would pull in, and you would fill up the tank with gas, and then you would continue. You wouldn't just see that you were almost empty, pull over the side of the road, look for some water in a ditch and put that water in the gas tank, expecting that you would carry on. No, that would not be sensible. You would know not to do that; that wasn't going to work.

Well, I'm afraid that this is exactly what is happening in the church. We're trying to move forward. We're trying to drive forward, keep going on without gas in the tank, and, many times, putting the wrong thing in the tank, and it's generating a major problem, and we can't go forward.

You see, what I see in the church today is that we've lost our power. We're putting the wrong thing in the tank. We've lost our power because we've lost our voice. We've talked about this, where we've lost much of the influence we have in the culture and why? Because we're putting the wrong thing in the tank!


Listen to the full podcast here



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